Our firm provides results-oriented legal services to owners and developers in obtaining necessary governmental approvals for residential, commercial, retail, industrial, and institutional developments. Activities may involve annexation, rezoning, subdivision, site plan, PUD, special exception, variance, condemnation, environmental, and historic preservation proceedings. We work with architects, engineers, planners, surveyors, and government officials to optimize plans and presentations. The firm also prepares covenants, easements, and homeowner and business association agreements.

     The zoning and land use attorneys at Tisinger Vance understand that Real Estate investment and development requires considerable amounts of time and resources.   Minimizing risk is a priority for property owners and developers.    At Tisinger Vance, our legal team has the knowledge and experience to navigate the processes involved effectively.  The firm represents and counsels  our clients in matters of land use including zoning, development entitlements and condemnation. 

Richard_Tisinger_Sr-300x240“I believe it a rare combination for a small-town law firm to have the knowledge of state and local land use laws and regulations that a 'tall building lawyer' has and, at the same time, have knowledge of the predilections of the local regulatory bodies that will make the decision to grant the client’s request. Our experience runs from helping a client secure a special use permit for one tract of land to obtaining approval of a Development of Regional Impact for a proposed 10,000-acre mixed-use development.”

- Richard Tisinger, Sr.