The firm advises electric membership corporations in connection with all aspects of daily operation, including the preparation and revision of corporate documents such as bylaws, service rules and regulations, policies and procedures, the negotiation and preparation of documents relating to commercial transactions, and the provisions of applicable legal and regulatory law such as the Georgia Electric Membership Corporation Enabling Act, the Georgia Territorial Electrical Service Act, and the Georgia Public Service Commission regulations.

“Steve Minor's extensive knowledge of the utility industry and its key partners gives us a lot of confidence in his advice and counsel. His practical, down to earth approach makes working with him and the Tisinger Vance firm a pleasure.”

- Gary Miller
President/CEO, GreyStone Power Corporation

Steve_Minor-300x240“Utilities, unlike nearly all other businesses, remain subject to significant competitive regulation. Our utilities lawyers have spent their careers practicing within this niche and have the knowledge, expertise, and personal contacts necessary to efficiently and effectively advise your business.”

- Steve Minor

“Utilities are a part of life that people just want to work, without being reminded of the work and facilities that make service possible. We’re here to help make sure that they’re reminded as little as possible, and when they are, they’re happy for the service provided.”

- Mattelyn Tharpe