“Attorneys at Tisinger Vance have the experience and resources to handle large complex development projects. Our success in facilitating large commercial property transactions and construction projects does not, however, detract from the satisfaction our lawyers find in helping a first time home buyer secure a clear title and close the transaction. It is our goal to strengthen communities throughout West Georgia by supporting commercial and residential real estate transactions.”

As Real Estate Lawyers in Carroll County, Georgia, Tisinger Vance is equipped to handle all aspects of residential real estate closings.  With over 70 years in the real estate practice in and around Carrollton, Georgia, Tisinger Vance offers expertise in title examination, document preparation, settlement and disbursement services.  Our firm has had excellent success in qualifying to do business with new lenders, largely due to our extensive experience in the field. In addition to closing services, our firm offers related legal services, such as entity formation, foreclosure, contract preparation and issuance of title insurance.

“Duffey Realty serves all of the West Georgia and East Alabama area Counties. We continue to call on Tisinger Vance, P.C. in Carrollton, GA because of the level of service they provide to our Lenders, Clients, Customers and our Agents at Duffey Realty.

Tisinger Vance, P.C. has one of the best Real Estate Departments in the area. The service that clients, customers, lenders and realtors have received from Tisinger Vance, P.C. is high quality professional work. It is always a pleasure to have a buyer or seller use them for all of their legal needs. The Real Estate Department has a wonderful staff that works behind the scenes to prepare all the documents for a closing and to coordinate with the lenders. This is crucial to any real estate transaction; I have seen them resolve many unexpected issues without any undue stress to the buyer or seller. If there are legal issues to be resolved; the staff is great to communicate with all parties in a professional manner. They go the extra mile to make a long lasting relationship with their clients and customers.

We are confident that when we refer clients and customers to them; they will receive nothing less than the best possible service."

- Dale Johnson
Associate Broker with Duffey Realty, Inc.

Phil_Wilkins-300x240“For most people, the purchase of their home is one of the most important moments of their lives. I strive to make that process smooth, efficient, and accurate.”


- Phil Wilkins


Stacy_L_Blackmon1-300x240“Many of my clients see the big picture. I focus on the details and solve problems to get the deal closed.”

- Stacey Blackmon



Richard_Tisinger_Sr-300x240“Our representation of clients in real estate matters goes beyond cutting and pasting provisions for a real estate contract and notarizing documents at closing. In negotiating and drafting real estate contracts. We assist the client to properly balance the risks and rewards based on the relative bargaining power of the parties. In closing a real estate contract, we seek to work with our client and the counterparty to eliminate any barriers that arise to prevent or delay closing.”


- Richard Tisinger, Sr.


- Andrew Lovvorn

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