Our experience includes not only family law, but also accounting and finance. The attorneys of Tisinger Vance understand both the practical and emotional factors involved in divorce.

Divorce Lawyers

As Divorce lawyers in and Around Carroll County, Georgia, our attorneys represent and counsel clients in Domestic law matters that include divorce both contested and uncontested divorce, as well as modification of custody or child support. Our firm also handles family law issues such as adoption, legitimation, as well as the financial aspects involved. We realize that navigating the legal process in these matters can be emotionally difficult, however our family law attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle these matters efficiently and effectively to seek the best possible outcome for our clients. If you are in need of a family law attorney in Carroll County or West Georgia, contact the Law Firm of Tisinger Vance.

“Since 2006 when I began mediating full time, I have had the privilege of serving as the Mediator in numerous cases involving attorneys from the law firm of Tisinger Vance. They are, without exception, always prepared, professional, patient with the process and protective of their client's position. As we move forward, more and more cases will be mediated, by agreement of the parties or by Court Order, and the qualities I have consistently seen in the lawyers from this firm are qualities which maximize the chances of success at mediation.”

- Thomas E. Greer

Tommy_Vance-300x240“We understand that a divorce is probably the most traumatic and financially significant event that a client will experience during his or her lifetime. We work diligently to ensure that our clients get through this process as efficiently as possible and that the result is favorable to our clients.”

- Tommy Vance

kevin2.jpg“A divorce can be the most stressful event a person experiences. The dissolution of a marriage can have an enormous emotional and financial impact on the client. Our firm can provide the professional representation you need to navigate this difficult process.”