An agreement between two or more parties must be viable in the short term as well as for the long term. Tisinger Vance’s attorneys are responsible for formalizing many of the major business relationships that have shaped the economic landscape of the past century.

Richard_Tisinger_Sr-300x240“I believe that a lawyer’s primary role in assisting a client to negotiate, draft, and, if applicable, close a contract is to identify risks to the extent possible and mitigate those risks to the extent possible. If risks remain, it is important to make the client clearly aware of what those risks are.”

- Richard Tisinger, Sr.

“The ability to write a strong, well-worded contract is both a form of art and a technicalSteve_Minor-300x240 skill that can be a significant asset to any business. Our lawyers understand that contracts do more than secure the ability to legally enforce specified obligations. The negotiation and drafting of contracts often provides the direct, clear communication between parties to a transaction that is essential to ensure that the parties never end up in court.”

- Steve Minor

Stacy_L_Blackmon1-300x240“We take the time to listen, offer solutions, and plan alternatives for our clients.”

- Stacey Blackmon

“Benjamin Franklin once said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Avery_S_Jackson-300x240 A well-drafted contract that clearly states the parties’ rights and duties can avoid unnecessary and expensive litigation. We strive to protect our clients in transactions by managing potential risks and ensuring the enforceability of agreements if a conflict cannot be avoided.”

- Avery Jackson