From our offices in Carrollton Georgia, Tisinger Vance represents businesses throughout the United States as well as international.   Stacey Blackmon, Steve Minor, and Avery Jackson lead Tisinger Vance’s Business Transactions practice. With nearly 50 years of combined experience, Stacey, Steve, and Avery represent international and local manufacturing companies, service and professional businesses, and real estate developers.

Stacy_L_Blackmon1-300x240“At each stage of maturity, a growing business will reach decision points. If the company is structured properly and understands its options, these decision points can represent great opportunities. We regularly represent clients through the acquisition of other companies, selling business units, working out loans, completing private placement stock offerings and bond financings.”

- Stacey Blackmon

“I approach any proposed business transaction by first understanding the risks to which ourAvery_S_Jackson-300x240 client may be exposed. The attorneys at Tisinger Vance work closely with our clients to assess all the possible options before moving ahead. Experience with a variety of transactions and attention to detail prove to be equally valuable.”

- Avery Jackson

Steve_Minor-300x240“Our lawyers have advised clients on thousands of unique business transactions, both big and small. From the initial stage of 'due diligence,' through the negotiation of terms and contract language, to the closing of the deal, our attorneys have the education, experience, and expertise to protect your interests.”

- Steve Minor