Clients of Tisinger Vance can rest assured that we will protect their best interest.  The attorneys of Tisinger Vance in Carrollton Georgia take a bottom line approach to business litigation.  Businesses at any stage need litigation experts that they can rely on to navigate local, state and national matters.  Although often not the outcome, we treat every case as though it will go to trial, identifying the legal, factual and commercial issues in order to develop an detailed strategy.

C_David_Mecklin-300x240“The road to the courthouse is cluttered with road blocks, hazards, and obstacles. We have been down that road many times with clients on a variety of complicated matters. We can help you navigate the route to trial, if necessary, but will also help you search for an economical way to get off, if possible.”

- David Mecklin

“Efficient and practical legal counsel can save the client time and money in business disputes. Avery_S_Jackson-300x240We strive to bring value-added services and solutions in resolving our clients' business conflicts in the most efficient manner."

- Avery Jackson

“Unfortunately litigation has become a part of doing business. Our goal, and our expertise, is to minimize the impact a lawsuit has on your business so litigation is only a slow down and not a shut down.”

- Mattelyn Tharpe